Bulk Image Resizer

Bulk Image Resizer 2.0

Allows user to resize and rotate many images in Jpeg and Gif formats
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Bulk Image Resizer is a program that allows the user to resize and rotate many images in Jpeg and Gif formats. This time you will not resize images one by one for creating image galleries, you will have the possibility to do it at once with this application. You do not have to waste your time for figuring out image resizing features, and resize them separately, because Bulk Image Resizer allows the user
to resize all images of Jpeg and Gif formats at once. You can make thousands of thumbnails in a few seconds or minutes. You can try to resize to an exact special size or reduce the images by percents. You can also rotate images at the same time you do the resizement. You can add figure captions and auto generate HTML thumbnails to use on your website for galleries. You save the images to its original location, or the location you choose to save.

Anyone who sends regularly photo pictures by email knows how annoying it can be to tackle large size files. With this application you can solve this problem once and forever.

Anastasia Spiridonova
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  • You can resize all images at once


  • only 10 images page batch trial
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